Thanet Poetry Journal Volume 2!


It’s here! The second volume of Thanet Poetry Journal.

Our first issue was a resounding success, over 300 readers from around the world. It’s crazy to think that a group of poets, mostly from Kent have had their words travel further than many of us will ever journey ourselves. Thank you to everyone that made that happen, this couldn’t happen without the readers and poets that submit their work.

We’re continuing with our open submissions policy for volume 3. Anyone with a link to Thanet is welcome to submit to You could have performed her, written about her, lived here or simply visited. It all counts. You could even have worked with a poet from Thanet and we’ll consider you. This is about the collective breadth of our poetry family, not geographical turf wars.

Our submission guidelines can be found here: Thanet-Poetry-Journal-Submission-Guidelines

This issue, we are lucky enough to have Kirsty Louise Farley aka Faded Scribblings as our guest editor. Kirsty is one of my favourite local writers, finely honed and precise yet vulnerable and emotive, and her eye in constructing this edition has been invaluable.

As always, our Patreon is there for anyone who wants to help this Journal grow, or you can pick up one of our new print editions of volume 1 at poetry nights around kent for only £4. (We can sort out paypal and postage if you’re unable to fins us though)

Our next issue will be a special Takeover Edition, with the folks from Thanet Writers. They’ve put some serious legwork behind the local writing community, so it only makes sense for them to get involved and I can’t wait to see what they produce with us.



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