Four Occultists You Should Follow on Facebook

1. Arch-traitor Bluefluke 

The first steps into the occult can be an overwhelming experience. Innumerable texts offering deep analysis and referring even more material than it’s possible to digest. This is where Blueflake comes in.

Bluefluke has managed to condense many of the basic techniques an occultist should be familiar with into an elegant, simple to digest comic book. The Psychonaut’s Handbook is densely packed with a great many exercises that every occultist should make a point of working with, from meditation to programming servitors. Bluefluke also eschews heavy terminology and presents everything in the kind of language most gamers will be familiar with, keeping this work light, practical and humourous.

2. Billy Brujo

Billy is a living cartoon, a sardonic manifestation of everything we perceive an occultist to be but to write him off as a joker would be to miss the point of his work. By taking on the role of Billy Brujo (and the rest of the characters in his YouTube series), Billy Brujo has broken down many of the barriers to the esoteric.

Each week our host picks a different project, from sigils to candle magic and even the complex world of tarot, and breaks them down for the audience. He’s an amiable creature, drawing on the world of Sentai (the wider genre of the Power Rangers) and internet culture, with an “anything goes” approach to the craft of magick.

While his humour and approach may put off many occultists who think the occult should be deadly serious, Billy hasn’t created a world for them. Billy’s world is for the amateur looking to start, he even half-jokes about his own cult/magickal order the Black Order Of Brujo, or BOOB for short. In fact, his weaving of references and culture is a testament to his talent, able to appear chaotic on the surface while still managing to surpass most of the occult craft content out there.

Billy can be found around the web, Facebook and Reddit in particular spreading occult cheer and knowledge like the best unholy Santa covered in corpse paint, the only way we’d have him.

3. Dr Bones

Dr Bones doesn’t always fit the mould of an occultist, I could make the argument he’s much more a political theorist, widely versed in the world of anarchy, but this is exactly why I enjoy his work. The occultist should always be more than just a magickian in my eyes, they should be a thinker and a doer. The good Dr is both these things.

Coming from somewhere in Florida, Dr Bones is a gonzo-journalist very much in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson and no less chaotic. It can be hard to learn from him. Though much of his work can be found as an essayist, it is as a storyteller than he becomes more accessible. Dr Bones will effortlessly switch from deep paranoia-driven anti-capitalist tirades to tales of hunting bigfoot, meeting the devil and adventures in the graveyards and swamps of Florida.

Like Billy, Dr Bones is a cartoon character, a living embodiment of the theories he holds and a grand example to learn from, though there is a darkness lying alluringly under the surface of the Dr, much like the occult itself.

For me, Bonesy is not necessarily a teacher but an icon of what a magickian should be, a one man army hellbent on changing the world to his whim.

4. Sarah Wreck & Shitty Occult Comics

I first found Sarah a guest on Billy’s show, a gifted seer and energy worker who attracts others in need of paranormal help. A kind of agony aunt for the occult, Sarah possess a sarcastic wit that belies a caring nature, evident throughout her regularly released comic series and her open door for occult queries.

Her comics deal with the daily grind of being a vocal occultist, how the “normal” world acts upon their initial exposures to magick and the sometimes ridiculous nature of the occult community at large.

While in contemporary occultism, the dark arts are the trendy ones, Sarah offers no pretension. She is what she is and she is unabashed in that, ready to poke fun at the edgy and incompetent elements in the occult. While other occult figure may teach you what to do with the occult, Sarah will teach you how you should be as an occultist.



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