As an artist, Connor is constantly undertaking training, developing both practical and administrative skills, with a focus on Safegaurding.


Editor-in-Chief, Whisky & Beards Publishing 2014-Present
3x Saboteur Award nominated (2x Most Innovative Publisher, 1x Best Regular Night)
Open School East Associate Artist 2019
Slam Host for Margate Bookie & Faversham Literary Festival 2018-Present
Margate NOW! 2018, 2019
Thanet Writers Poetry Editor 2018-2019

Download my CV here: Connor Sansby CV

Alongside MOOCs in:
Marketing Analytics
Project Management Principles, Practices and Systems
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture
An Introduction to Screenwriting
Film Production
How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business
Brand Storytelling
Explore Filmmaking
The Business of Film
Digital Storytelling
Start Writing Fiction
Innovation and Enterprise
The Enterprise Shed: Making Ideas Happen
Community Journalism
Autism Awareness
Emotional Abuse
GDPR – Core
Domestic Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence
Loneliness and Isolation
Coronavirus Awareness ( iHasco )
MindValley Coaching Training
NLP Practitioner Certification
Certification of Professional Coaching
Shure Wireless Audio Basics
Safeguarding Children – Level 2 v2
Loneliness and Isolation
Immersive Technology & Storytelling

Since 2011, Connor has undertaken a Christmas tradition to find the weirdest qualification possible that can be completed on the day. This has led to a variety of titles and certifications that at first glance sound impressive.
This tradition has continued as a critique of mainstream education and the frequent inability to spport neurodivergent students, as well as the focus on test-passing over applicable skills.

Some highlights:

Member of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles
Laird of 1 square foot of the Isle of Islay
Reverend through Universal Life Church
Minister through Church of the Latter-Day Dude
Celebrant through the Spiritual Humanists of Scotland
PhD in Space and Time through Universal Life Church
Member of British Druidic Order
PhD’s through Abide University in Metaphysics, Biasology and Pop Cultural Studies
Certified Hypnotist
Certificate in Nutrition
Unicorn Hunters License through Lake Superior State University
Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2006
Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data
Survive A Zombie Apocalypse
2021 NBA Draft Free Agent