Writing Workshops

Writing for Comics

With Charles Tolfree and Amy Barnes, I helped teach a three day crash course in writing for comics, focusing on adaptation of existing stories.

Drawing on her experience as a teacher, Amy provided the framework for Charles and myself to break down storytelling. I was able to talk about plot points and refining a story, removing the unneccessary, while Charles was able to talk about visual language.

At the end of the course, each group had produced either a zine or a comic strip that represented an extract from a popular work of literature.

Performing Poetry

With poet Alex Vellis leading, I delivered a seminar-style workshop during the busy Wise Words festival about performing poetry.

Writing and performing are two very different beasts and mastering one does not mean the other will come along. Performance is about knowing how to convey the words best, how you should move, the speed you speak and the inflection you use to dliver impact.

Many of the poets attending had written work previously but were yet to take the stage. With Alex and I drawing on our experiences in slams, showcases and open mics, we were able to encourage our class to read out their poetry for the first time, with a range of performance tools.

Revolting Ryhmes

Also during Wise Words Festival, I was invited to fill in delivering a workshop inspired by Roald Dahl’s collection of gruesome verse.

Alongside poet Thembe Mvula, two groups of children brainstormed, wrote and then performed their own revolting ryhme, exploring what makes a word gross.

Wise Words Festival hosted a number of events for kids mixing poetry and performance but our workshop helped them understand how poetry is made in a lighthearted environment, surrounded by the sun and the wonderful decorations of Greyfriars Gardens.

Occult Workshops

As an occult writer, I have put together a few workshops on the subject for beginners. Much of magick is intimidating or too complex for beginners but by stripping away the complexities, simple and effective techniques can be mastered on the journey.

Sigil Magick

Functioning a simple introduction to creating spells, sigil magick is a highly accessible and effective first step for any budding practioner of magick.

The purpose of the workshop was to show a simpler side of magick, without ceremony or complex systems of belief. It fits easily alongside what many of accept as our understanding of the world.

Doll Magick

Doll magick is another form of magick found all over the world. A little deeper than sigil magick, it is an exploration of self and soul.

Participants spend the workshop building the soul for a sympathetic doll that helps to provide clarity and focus.